How to Apply False Lashes

False Lashes have fast become a staple in the beauty industry, with no makeup look being complete without them.

Our 100% genuine lashes can be worn up to 25 times if well looked after. 

As our lashes are hand made with natural and synthetic hairs, please ensure not to curl or put mascara on them as it will decrease their lifetime. 
Please curl and add mascara to your natural lashes first if you wish to do so.

Our 3D Lashes are definitely a GLAM lash option and require a few minutes to apply them.

Application Process


  • Carefully take your Saphire Lashes out of their packaging and gently bend the lash band back and forth to give it extra curve and flexibility
  • With your Saphire Lash Tweezers / Applicator gently grip your lash
  • Make sure to cut off both lash band ends up to where the lash hair begins. This will ensure there is no lash band sticking out as this could irritate the eye


  • Place lash onto your eye without any glue and measure to your eye shape
  • Always trim from outer corner of the lash to fit to your eye shape 
    (if you prefer a more dramatic style, cut from the inner corner instead)
  • For most comfortable fit, always trim approx. 2mm smaller than your natural lashes to ensure lash band doesn't irritate inner and outer corner of the eye

Glue & Application

  • Once you are happy with the length of the lash, ensure it is a comfortable fit before glueing.
  • Put a strip of glue on the lash band and let it sit for at least 60-90 seconds until the glue becomes tacky and easier to work with. 
  • Trying to stick the lashes on once glue has just been applied will make it harder to adhere as the glue will be slippery and uneasy to work with
  • Once glue has become tacky place lash on your eyelid as close as you can to your natural eyelashes
  •  Lashes are easiest to be applied when a mirror is lower than eye height and you are looking in a downward direction with your head tilted back slightly 

Eyelash Removal 

  • Depending on glue used, to remove your lashes lightly dampen a Q-tip in gentle makeup remover (oil free) and dab the lash band area. 
  • Wait a few seconds for the glue to soften then slowly slide off lashes 

Eyelash Care

- Lightly and carefully remove the glue from the lash band by gently pulling off with either fingers or tweezers
- If you happened to get makeup or mascara on your lashes, take a Q-Tip dampened in makeup remover (oil free) and gently work them into the hairs in a slight zig-zag motion from the lash band out to the tips
- Brush lashes lightly with a clean disposable mascara brush, let them dry and place them back into the original packaging to maintain shape